who we are


Friends League Toronto, founded in January of 2017, is a non-profit athletic club that hosts monthly sporting matches to get physical while fostering community. Our mission is quite simple, we’re acting local but thinking global. FLT is dedicated to uplifting individuals through acts of self and service. By dedicating the time to yourself, to engage in physical activity, you practice self love and balance. By donating to the cause, you’re impacting change in someone else’s life. We are friends with benefits, after all. 



Our first game was a small group of friends who came out to support their friends and a good cause out of pure love and friendship. When the idea of the league was a hit, our friends started invited their friends, and friends of friends. We are not just a league, we’re a family of do-gooders. With every game, we’re excited for the new additions to our fam. 

about the founders

Friends League Toronto is a joint effort by couple Dayna Saba and Helton Brito. Dayna is an Author/Designer/Reiki Master by day and Non-Profit enthusiast always. Helton is a Yoga Instructor/soccer aficionado - he eats, breathes, and sleeps soccer. Together they realized that with the help of their friends they could make an impact and merge their passions together. They discovered that it was a way to start a larger conversation about acting local but thinking global.